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    Jovica Storer is Jovica Storer.

    Well, OK, that was maybe a bit too easy. Let us have a look what is said on his myspace page:

    Joost Carpentier (aka Jovica Storer) is a Belgian electronic music composer/producer who has been addicted to aural vibrations ever since his youth. He learned to play the piano as a child an started improvising his own creations as a teenager. After being a radio jockey for several years, he went DJ-ing in several pubs and on local parties. In his early twenties he bought his first synthesizer and a computer and started sequencing. Since that day in the summer of 1989, he has never ceased to explore new territory on the planet of electronic sound.

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  • Jovica Storer explores his borderlines and proposes new work where no genre will be untouched.

    Jovica Storer - Borderlines - cover
  • Electronic Innerscapes REMASTERED! 31 colourful photorealistic heart opening aural paintings.

    Jovica Storer - Electronic Innerscapes - cover
  • Finally back and fully REMASTERED on C-O-L-O-U-R-S. 3 hours of music! This masterpiece is a perfect match for the seekers of inspirational atmospheres.

    Jovica Storer - Gekarameliseerd - cover
  • Following the exhibition "Innerlijk Ritme" (= "inner rhythm"), Jovica Storer sets off again with a vivid and moving musical journey of more than four hours.

    Jovica Storere - Innerlijk Ritme - cover
  • In cooperation with haiku-master Geert Verbeke who added wonderful singing bowls flavours. Element is an aural interpretation of the five Japanese Elements. This is a remaster of a succesful musical milestone by Jovica Storer.

    Jovica Storer - Geert Verbeke - Element - cover